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NO OTHER love little reissue labels that put the music first and worry about sales afterwards. No Other adores psychedelia, garage, folk and country-rock, progressive, funky rock, orchestral pop, hard-rock, ’70s powerpop, soul and funk, chamber pop... and magazines and books that DON'T (always) put The Beatles on the cover!!! No Other is fanatical about quirky cinema, animation and music and culture documentaries. NO OTHER will also work with whatever you throw at us... Nothing is beyond us. Please email for rates.

We love the OLD and the NEW.

If you want to be treated with respect and have your PR campaigns last longer than one week. Contact us now... we're based in North London and happy to meet any prospective clients.

Email: Jonathan No

On this site are scans and screen grabs of the reviews that No Other have gained their clients. Click on each to view full size.

Past Projects



Ozzy Osbourne (book), Robert Plant (book), Modern Science Fiction Movies (book), The Room (book), French Boutik, 


Paul Collins, Handsome Jack, Graham Day & The Forefathers, The Youth, Big Boss Man, David Woodcock, Hypnos, Excess All Areas (book), Papernut Cambridge, Balduin, Maston, The Wicked Whispers, Golden Ass Music, Wild Eyes, Wedge, Skogen Brinner


The Wicked Whispers, The Who FAQ (book), Radio Moscow, Suzi Chunk & Groovy Uncle, Dwellers, Green Leaf, Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus, Wo Fat, Cosmic Rough Riders


Totem Psych Fest, Stalins Of Sound, Stones Gear (book), Village Green Machine, Smash Fashion


Triptides/Frankie & The Witchfingers/The See See/The Young Sinclairs split,  Galileo 7, Iron Maiden (book), The Junipers, Orgone Box, Nick Piunti,

February / March:

Graham Day & The Forefathers, Paul 'Lefty' Wright, Mount Carmel, Naam/Black Rainbows/White Hills/The Flying Eyes split, The Socks


Sultan Bathery, The Beatpack, John The Conqueror, The Small Faces 'Immediate Greatest Hits', Abrahma Tour, Dwellers, AnnaMy, The Wisdoom


November / December:

Luder, The New Alchemy, The Small Faces 'Immediate Box', Trick Mammoth, Pypy, Red Sands


Sasquatch, , Jethro Tull book, Sandra Phillips, ZZ Hill, Wolfmoon, Red Sands, Schnauser, Trummor & Orgel, The Thanes


Gene Clark movie, The Beachwood Sparks, Left Lane Cruiser, The Young Sinclairs, Bruce Springsteen book


Beaulieu Porch, Sky Picnic, French Boutik, The Dirty Streets, Lightnin' Slim, Raw Spitt


Elton John book, Incredible String Band book, Black Rainbows, Miss Lava


Big Star book, Bazooka, Issak, Bronco Bullfrog, The Higher State, The Young Sinclairs


Hidden Masters (press written), The Greek Theatre, Ape Skull, The Electric Stars 'new single'


Attic Lights, Paul Messis, The Baron 4, Daiquiri Fantomas, Liverpool Psych Fest 2013


Ulysses, The Wicked Whispers, Soft Hearted Scientists


Deville, Gozu, Supermachine, Lotte Kesnter, Nightmare Air, Panda Riot, The History Of Colour TV


Jacco Gardner, Maston, Dean Allen Foyd, Gozu, Beau, Swamp Dogg



Mother Of God, Five Horse Johnson, The Shook-Ups, Kontiki Suite, DC Fontana, Solid Foundation (book), Emerson, Lake & Palmer (book)


Nirvana: The Sessions (book), She Bop (book), Keith Cansius, John The Conqueror, Five Horse Johnston, The BMX Bandits, Flavia Muniz, You Do Me Too, Wild Balbina, El Palacio, Paperback Freud, Mondo Jetset, Black Rainbows


Kiss FAQ (book), French Boutik, The Electric Stars, Andre Williams


Alfa 9, Jimi Hendrix (book), Moozar, Lord Fowl, Son Of Otis, The Waterboys (book), Nirvana (book), The Electric Sugar Children


The Wicked Whispers, Buffalo Killers, Abrahma, Night Stalker, The Liverpool Festival Of Psychedelia,


Iron Maiden book, Beatles Revolver book, Queen lyrics book, Neil Young FAQ, Metallica book, Madonna book, Dear Guitar Hero book, The Silver Factory 10", Giorgio Tuma 7", The Yearning 7", Richie Syrett, Liverpool Psych Fest, Bloody Knives, Moozar campaign, Baltic Fleet, Night Stalker, Abrahma


Fay Hallam & Bongolian, Joni Mitchell, Jerry Scheff, James Taylor, Cat Stevens..., Mangoo, Mellow Bravo, , The Small Faces, Bezoar


The School, Freedom Hawk, Green Leaf, Three Minute Tease


The Primitives, Stalking Red Headed Stranger, Tito Puente, Sun Gods In exile


The Plimsouls, Dwellers, Elika, Drowner, Spiracles, 


All manner of Backbeat and Hal Leonard books, Jawbone2011 titles.
ColoramaThe BMX BanditsForbidden Planet OSTEvensongThe KeysBroken Vinyl Club, MacDonald Sisters, Sandy Salisbury, Jowe Head, assorted Gonzo DVDs.


Houdini Dax, The Method, DC Fontana, Duncan Maitland, Giorgio Tuma, Space Escapade, Hurrah, The Chemistry Set, The Wicked Whispers, Ulysses


Trummor & Orgel, Thee Hypnotics DVD, Mott The Hoople DVD, Radio Moscow, Mark Wirtz


The Perishers, DC Fontana, Little Buddha, Robert Forster's Rock Writing (book), Joan Jett biog (book)


Anton Barbeau, Sway, The Sunshine Factory, The Bloody Hollies, Beach Boys FAQ (book), Led Zep FAQ (book), The Silver Factory, The Primitives, Pushy Parents, Guatafan,The Gravemen, The Doors FAQ (book), Stevie Ray Vaughan (book), The Dream Factory (book),

Ulysses' Xmas single, Dixie Witch, Gardens, Modular, The Primitives, Jerry Shirley: The Best Seat In The House

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