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Thursday, 8 April 2021



Author: Kevan Furbank
Format: Paperback (21cm x 15cm)
Pages: 192 plus 16 colour 
Illustrations: 40 Colour


Every now and then a band comes along that defies convention, refuses to be pigeon‐holed, thumbs its nose at comfy predictability and blows raspberries at commercial wisdom. That band is Gong. From 1970 to the present day, Gong have ploughed a unique musical furrow ‐ part progressive rock, part spacey psychedelia, part proto‐punk, ambient trance, drum 'n' bass and absurdist political performance art.

Long‐time fan Kevan Furbank examines all the Gong albums from Magick Brother in 1970 to 2019’s The Universe Also Collapses and chronicles the stories behind each recording. He examines the songwriting, arrangements and mythology that inspired each track ‐ with new insights from, amongst others, the current fantastic Gong line‐up, bassist Mike Howlett, violinist Graham Clark and guitarist Josh Pollock.

He salutes the many great musicians who have passed through Gong in the last 50‐odd years, including guitar hero Steve Hillage, drummer Pierre Moerlen, flute and sax maestro Didier Malherbe and, of course, whimsical visionary and Gong founder Daevid Allen. The author also discusses the offshoots of the Gong family tree ‐ including Mother Gong, Gongmaison and Pierre Moerlen's Gong.

If you have never heard any Gong, this book is the perfect introduction. If you have, you will want to go back and revisit the glorious music this bandmhas made.

About The Author

Kevan Furbank is Managing Editor of The Irish Daily Mirror and has been a journalist on local and national newspapers for nearly 40 years. He hasnpublished books on local history and written stories, articles and columns onnpractically every subject under the sun. This is his second book for Sonicbond, his first being Fairport Convention, also in the
On Track series. His music tastes encompass prog, rock, folk and jazz and in his spare time, he likes to pretend he can play guitar, bass and mandolin. He lives in Holywood, Northern Ireland, and is married with two grown‐up daughters, both of whom are better musicians than he is.

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