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NO OTHER love little reissue labels that put the music first and worry about sales afterwards. No Other adores psychedelia, garage, folk and country-rock, progressive, funky rock, orchestral pop, hard-rock, ’70s powerpop, soul and funk, chamber pop... and magazines and books that DON'T (always) put The Beatles on the cover!!! No Other is fanatical about quirky cinema, animation and music and culture documentaries. NO OTHER will also work with whatever you throw at us... Nothing is beyond us. Please email for rates.

We love the OLD and the NEW.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Steve Hillage, Classic Rock review

Steve Hillage, Classic Rock Italy review

Radio Moscow, Classic Rock Italy review

Jeremy & The Harlequins, Classic Rock Italy review

Radio Moscow, Classic Rock Italy review

Steve Hillage, House Of Prog news

Led Zep (book), Classic Rock review

Gong, Classic Rock Italy review

The Beatles (book), Good Times review

Les Paul (book), Good Times review

Sound Explosion (book), Good Times review

Rocky Horror (booK), Filmwerks review

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Gong, It's Psychedelic Baby interview

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The Missing Souls, Shindig! review

Twin Peaks FAQ (book), Shindig! review

Beyond Jazz (book), Bodyspace review

The Embrooks, Carry's New Underground Music review

Gong, The Beat review

Gong, Distortioni

Gong, MOJO review

Gong, Pennyblack review

Gong, Psychedelicatessen review

Gong, Shindig! review

Gong, Goldmine review

Steve Hillage, Distortioni

The Prophet Hens, The Big Takeover review

Radio Moscow, Desert Rock review

Radio Moscow, Echoes & Dust review

Radio Moscow, Carry's New Music Underground review

The Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ (book), Starburst review

Steve Hillage, Magnet

Ulysses, Psychadelicatessen review

Ulysses, Writing About Music review

Ulysses, POPgruppen