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NO OTHER love little reissue labels that put the music first and worry about sales afterwards. No Other adores psychedelia, garage, folk and country-rock, progressive, funky rock, orchestral pop, hard-rock, ’70s powerpop, soul and funk, chamber pop... and magazines and books that DON'T (always) put The Beatles on the cover!!! No Other is fanatical about quirky cinema, animation and music and culture documentaries. NO OTHER will also work with whatever you throw at us... Nothing is beyond us. Please email for rates.

We love the OLD and the NEW.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Matthews Southern Comfort, Classic Rock

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Jacco Gardner in NME

NO OTHER start working with JACCO GARDNER in 2013 on his debut album for Trouble In Mind, The Cabinet Of Curiosities.

As a preamble NME have got on board. The new psych revolution starts here.

Sons Of Otis, This Is Rock review

If You Like Led Zep (book), This Is Rock review

The BMX Bandits, Skinny interview

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Moozar... What is Moozar? Learn more here.

If you have issued self-released limited 7" singles or are signed to a major label and have released many albums, even if you are unsigned and only make bedroom recordings that you publish on YouTube or Soundcloud you can sign up to Moozar and make money from people liking your online music and rewarding you. Yes, it's that simple. Think of your video or link as a busker singing a song on a street corner and gaining financial reward from those who like the music. The giver is not buying anything, they are just making a gesture to show how much they like your music.

Labels can sign up too for free. Watch the below video and mail NO OTHER for more info.

Matthews Southern Comfort, Sat Dec 1, The Borderline

Tickets available as comp prizes. Please contact NO OTHER for info.
Normal punters can buy tickets here.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Kontiki Suite, Active Listener review

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Andre Williams #10 in Monkey Picks


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Alive At The Deep Blues Fest, Ikon review

Wo Fat, We Rock SE review

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Skanska Mord, Metalyze review

Skanska Mord, Rockaway review

Skanska Mord and Wo Fat, Get Ready To Rock review

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