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Monday, 19 April 2021

Mark & The Clouds 'Waves' (Gare du Nord)


Release: 14th May 2021
Format: CD/Digital
Since relocating from his native Bologna (where he played in cult Italian band Gli Avvoltoi) to London in the early ’90s, Marco Magnani has been a stalwart of the city’s underground scene where ’60s pop and folk meets psychedelic rock. His previous band Instant Flight worked for several years as the backing group of Arthur Brown as well as releasing a string of meticulously crafted and well received albums themselves.

Now with Mark & The Clouds as his current lineup, Magnani continues to write produce and release great psych pop n roll records, with a list of bandmates and collaborators from the UK/Spanish/Italian psych music scene and centred around the three-piece nucleus of Marco on vocals and guitar plus John O’Sullivan (Instant Flight/The Snakes/Limozine) on bass, vocals and guitar, and Shin Okajima on drums (Shin and Marco formed The Smokers in 1994). 


Waves is Mark & The Clouds’ third album release, following on from Blue Skies Opening (2014) and Cumulus (2017) – both on Mega Dodo Records. 

Tracks feature guest brass players Tom and Joseph Hammond, keys from Rachel Kashi and violin from Maya Kasparova, and was recorded and produced in London through 2020.

Click on the above image to play the title track.  
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Thursday, 8 April 2021


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Release: 14th May 2021
Format: LP/Digital
"These Exit Times" is the name of a newsletter sent by an environmental organisation advocating the extinction of the human race as a solution to save the planet. When Victor Ramirez first came across the group on the internet a couple of years ago, it brought a smile to his face. But after some pondering on the subject, he decided that Exit Times would be the name of his sensational third album as Ramirez Exposure.

The record started to take shape in early 2020, after a musical hiatus that had lasted a year. It had been somewhat of a dark period, and Victor felt it was time to go back to recording songs. It would be the first time he would be doing so at home. He had managed to set up a small studio that would allow him to make some proper recordings, and without having to use a computer. He’d also started a new job, as an orderly in a hospital, which gave him time to record and cash to pay the rent.  

Victor was ready to take on the task of making the album with the help – albeit from a distance, this time – of Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star) and Brian Young (Jesus & Mary Chain, Ivy, Fountains of Wayne), both regular accomplices of the Spaniard in production and instrumentation duties. Working with the two of them feels very natural for him, even though they are in three different countries.


Looking back, it seemed as if he’d prepared himself for what was coming.

And so, the pandemic happened, and Victor found himself turning the ideas he had outlined on his phone into the songs for Exit Times. He was in a good place, personally and, despite the situation, he was happy to be able to contribute to society through his job at the hospital and, after coming home, to concentrate on his music and isolate himself from everything else.

Gradually, the sketches turned into luminous songs, with bright harmonies and lyrics that exude a fine irony. Victor admits that he strives to be a good pessimist every day, and the songs reveal a way of understanding life that relativises almost everything in order to stick with what’s really important. This subtle sense of humour in the lyrics, like the luminosity of his music, is vintage Ramirez, and is present throughout the album, and even on the cover. The artwork is a painting by German painter Angela Dalinger, depicting Victor himself, Colombo, his dog, and some meaningful objects. The vinyl record featured is George Harrison's Brainwashed.

Exit Times is a shiny collection of songs with a universal vocation, bathed in sunshine pop with touches of new psychedelia. All simmered under the Mediterranean sun – the same sun that illuminates the entire planet.

For fans of Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Drugdealer, Jacco Gardner

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Author: Chris Sutton
Format: Paperback (21cm x 15cm)
Pages: 144 plus 16 colour 
Illustrations: 38 Colour


The ’70s was the decade that saw the arrival of Alice Cooper as a major force in the rock firmament. Chris Sutton explores the story of Alice Cooper the band, and also Alice the solo performer, from their early years through to the end of the decade. A roller‐coaster ride of classic albums and singles, the songs recorded in the ’70s still dominate his live sets to this day. The book features brand new interview material from key figures including Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith from the original band and their hired gun Mick Mashbir. From the solo years, there are major contributions from Prakash John, Allan Schwartzberg and John Tropea. Ernie Cefalu, whose company Pacific Eye and Ear designed several iconic sleeves, also adds his thoughts. Several other musicians, concert promoters and even the band's first roadie have also contributed.

All of the albums and singles from [The Spiders] 'Don't Blow Your Mind', until 'From The Inside' are examined in detail, along with related archive releases and songs that didn't make the final cut. In the course of putting the book together, new information came to light that will be of huge interest to hardened collectors and new fans alike, making this book an essential guide to Alice Cooper in the decade that they helped to define.

About The Author

Chris Sutton has been a fan of Alice Cooper since 1972 and the band's famous debut appearance on Top Of The Pops. The reunion of the band for their UK tour in 2017 stands as one of his happiest memories. He manages Smethwick Heritage Centre Museum and has written several publications for them. He has also written several plays. Alice Cooper In The 1970s is his first venture into music writing, with others to follow. He lives in Great Malvern, UK.

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Cat #: SB080
Format: LP, 33 1/3 rpm

This is a psychedelic rock group from the Philippines, made up of members from different metal bands. What is interesting to see is how these musicians  are playing something totally different, and being incredible at it. 

The album is an instrumental record that’s equal parts psychedelic, progressive, and hard-rock. The interesting and inspired use of colourful guitar effects  gives the album a trippy space vibe that is also reminiscent of German bands such as Guru Guru. This band have really got psych and prog collectors excited with their innovative and unique blend of progressive and psychedelic guitar-led instrumental music. There are shades of Zappa, Van der Graaf Generator, Davie Allen & The Arrows, Dick Dale and Black Sabbath and about a hundred more that make up the influences on their truly unique sound. This record will be limited to ONLY 200 copies and is expected to sell out soon!

Fans of The Bevis Frond's jams pay attention!


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Author: Kevan Furbank
Format: Paperback (21cm x 15cm)
Pages: 192 plus 16 colour 
Illustrations: 40 Colour


Every now and then a band comes along that defies convention, refuses to be pigeon‐holed, thumbs its nose at comfy predictability and blows raspberries at commercial wisdom. That band is Gong. From 1970 to the present day, Gong have ploughed a unique musical furrow ‐ part progressive rock, part spacey psychedelia, part proto‐punk, ambient trance, drum 'n' bass and absurdist political performance art.

Long‐time fan Kevan Furbank examines all the Gong albums from Magick Brother in 1970 to 2019’s The Universe Also Collapses and chronicles the stories behind each recording. He examines the songwriting, arrangements and mythology that inspired each track ‐ with new insights from, amongst others, the current fantastic Gong line‐up, bassist Mike Howlett, violinist Graham Clark and guitarist Josh Pollock.

He salutes the many great musicians who have passed through Gong in the last 50‐odd years, including guitar hero Steve Hillage, drummer Pierre Moerlen, flute and sax maestro Didier Malherbe and, of course, whimsical visionary and Gong founder Daevid Allen. The author also discusses the offshoots of the Gong family tree ‐ including Mother Gong, Gongmaison and Pierre Moerlen's Gong.

If you have never heard any Gong, this book is the perfect introduction. If you have, you will want to go back and revisit the glorious music this bandmhas made.

About The Author

Kevan Furbank is Managing Editor of The Irish Daily Mirror and has been a journalist on local and national newspapers for nearly 40 years. He hasnpublished books on local history and written stories, articles and columns onnpractically every subject under the sun. This is his second book for Sonicbond, his first being Fairport Convention, also in the
On Track series. His music tastes encompass prog, rock, folk and jazz and in his spare time, he likes to pretend he can play guitar, bass and mandolin. He lives in Holywood, Northern Ireland, and is married with two grown‐up daughters, both of whom are better musicians than he is.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Renaissance... On Track (Sonicbond Publishing)



Author: David Detmer
Format: Paperback (21cm x 15cm)
Pages: 144 plus 16 colour 
Illustrations: 40 Colour


Renaissance, a much beloved but highly underrated English progressive rock band, began life in 1969 as an offshoot of The Yardbirds. Keith Relf and Jim McCarty, who had recently left that iconic blues‐rock group, decided to put together a new band that would differ from its predecessor by being more influenced by classical and folk music. After releasing two albums in ’69 and ’71, The band then quickly underwent a 100 percent turnover in personnel, resulting in an entirely new Renaissance

The new band was distinguished by the astonishingly beautiful five‐octave range vocals of their lead singer, Annie Haslam; their lengthy, multimovement, classically inspired compositions, and their unusual instrumentation. Renaissance released six classic studio albums, and one live double album, between 1972 and 1978, even scoring a UK hit with ‘Northern Lights’. The late ’70s and early ’80s saw the band commercialise with limited success, before folding.

In the 21st century, with Haslam continuing as the band’s distinctive voice, Renaissance has returned to its orchestral/symphonic rock roots with two studio albums of new material and multiple live releases featuring contemporary treatments of its ’70s classics. This book, the first ever published on Renaissance, assesses their entire career, covering every song on every album. It is the essential guide to the recorded works of a group that deserves to be ranked among the greatest in the progressive rock genre.

About The Author

David Detmer is a Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University Northwest. He is the author of six previous books, the most recent of which are Zinnophobia (about the radical American historian, Howard Zinn) and Simply Sartre (on the French existentialist philosopher and playwright, Jean‐Paul Sartre). An amateur guitarist, his published essays on The Beatles and Pink Floyd have been translated into German, Portuguese, and Korean. He lives in Munster, Indiana, USA.

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